Hopalong Clothing ltd is a reputable, international supplier of top quality gym clothing and fitness accessories. Take a look at our brilliant range of gym & fitness clothing for men and women.

Hopalong Clothing pride themselves on offering fitness clothing that looks good, feels good and offers a comfortable, durable, supportive product perfect for your workout sessions.

Our brand is based upon our ability to offer high quality materials, products and stylish kit! Hopalong isn’t just about looking good… it’s about feeling good!

Hopalong History

Our hopalong story started in the summer of 2018 when two friends saw a gap in the market… this gap was just big enough for the cheeky frog to spawn!

We have sport built into our roots, one of our founders is a pretty inspirational character. Losing his leg at 16 in a tragic road traffic accident… to 2018 becoming a world adaptive surfing champion representing his home country of Wales, U.K.

You could say we have been hopping along since 2018… but it’s now we have finally found our feet and we and ready to take the gym world by storm!

Keep an eye out for the frog.